Curriculum Vitae


M.F.A. University of British Columbia. Creative Writing

B.A.      University of British Columbia. English Literature.

Certificate Courses. Langara College. Web Publishing.

Continuing Education. Emily Carr University. Visual Arts/Graphic Novel.


•   Science World at TELUS World of Science: Digital Engagement Specialist•   DeSmog Canada: Freelance writer with special focus on environment sciences.•   Nook Design Studio: Junior Web Developer, Copywriter. 08/25/2013-present05/06/2013-2014


•   Keith Maillard (Governor General Award-winning author and Chair of the UBC Creative Writing Department): Administrative Assistant 03/15/2013-2014
•   AMBL: Science Literary Symposia: Co-Program Developer and Instructor. 15/02/2009-2011
•   Portland Hotel Society: Day Program Coordinator  01/03/2009-2013
•   PRISM Magazine: Executive Editor of Circulations. 04/09/2011-2011
•   Front Magazine: Editorial Assistant. 08/01/2007-2008

Lectures and Workshops

•   BC Green Storytelling Workshop: STA Conference •   The Outer Limits: Exploring Science Fiction Lecture: UBC 05/02/201403/12/2013
•   Editing and Revisions Lecture: UBC 06/10/2012, 08,12/10/2011
•   Astrophysics and Graphic Novel Workshop: UBC 14/03/2011
•   Microbiology and Fiction Workshop: UBC 18/03/2011

Instructor Experience

•   UBC Creative Writing 200: Teaching Assistant, Lecturer 04/09/2011-2013
•   Elite Preparatory Academy: Reading and Writing Instructor. 05/09/2012-2013
•   AMBL Science Creative Literary Symposia: Lecturer. 15/01/2012-2013
•   New Shoots: Secondary School Writing Instructor. 15/01/2012-2013

Professional Development

•   MCN 2014: Museum Computer Network Conference, Digital Strategy 11/20/2014
•   Banff Centre Science Writers Retreat: Creative Science Content 10/24/2014
•   CTLT: Teaching symposium I,II,III 2011-2013


Volunteer/Non-Profit Work

•    Developing World Connections: Event Planner, Fundraiser and labourer in Huancayo, Peru. 15/03/2008
•   Crane Resource Library: Audio book orator. 15/09/2006-2007
•   Portland Hotel Society: Social Services Worker•   Science World British Columbia: Programs and Digital Outreach  05/02/2009-201208/23/2013 




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